MC TaeTiSeo in Music Core April 28, 2012

SJ, TVXQ and SNSD guested in MBC 'Joo Byung Jin's TV Talk Show'

TaeTiSeo 1st mini album 'TWINKLE' _ Tiffany

The Cutie MCs Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Seohyun in Music Core, 120421

TVXQ Live Tour 2012 'Tone' in Tokyo Dome_ Yunho

Girls' Generation appointed as ambassadors of Korea's Retinites Pigmentosa Society_Tiffany, 120414

Handsome man Choi Siwon in 'Super Show 4' in Singapore, Feb 18/19, 2012

MC SeoTaeNy in Music Core, April 14, 2012

Korean Music Wave, Press Conference_ TVXQ

SNSD Tiffany in Korean Music Wave Conference 2012, 120406

TVXQ, power performance in Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2012, 120407

TVXQ for 'MISSHA' magazine

cont. Donghae in SS4 in Bangkok 2012

TVXQ Yunho and Changmin in 'THE SHILLA duty free' advertisement

Lovely boy Donghae 'Super Show 4 in Bangkok' Mar 17 & 18, 2012

Choi Siwon, 'He is perfect' in Japanese magazine

SJ Donghae stylish in airport during Super Show 4 in Macau